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The Australian Baseball Association is a fictional baseball league based in Australia, with a single minor-league system being based in New Zealand.

The 84-game regular season runs through the Australian spring and summer, with the season beginning at the start of September, and ending during the middle of December. The postseason begins shortly after, and usually concludes during January. The amateur draft is set on October 10th, and the trading-deadline is set on November 1st.

The eight teams are set in a single division, playing every team each 12 times throughout the year. After the regular season has concluded, the first-place team, along with the next three teams (Wild-Cards) qualify for the postseason. A best-of-seven semi-final is played between the 1 and 4 seeds, and 2 and 3 seeds, with the format of 2h-2a-1h-1a-1h. Each of these winners advance to play each other in a best-of-nine Australia Series Championship, with the format of 2h-2a-2h-2a-1h. Home field advantage is awarded according to seeding. The winner of the Australia Series is crowned champion of the season.

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Teams Divisions


Spring Training All-Star Game Playoffs Roster Size
Australian Baseball Association Major 8 No 84 Games Yes, 2 Weeks No 4 Teams Qualify 25
Kiwi League Minor 8 2 70 Games No Yes 2 Teams Qualify No Limit
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